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Program Benefits

Learn how investing in our solutions will help your business hit new heights.

Marketing Visibility


Stay ahead of your competitors – partner with ADB to invest in the success of your company and extend your reach.


Strong marketing visibility helps secure your future opportunities. In today’s competitive world, winning a deal often depends on having a recognizable brand. Positive feedback and high visibility help increase the number of new customers and reduce churn.

Access to ADB Solutions


At ADB, we understand how the Connected Age is changing consumer consumption and driving demand for powerful, flexible and cost effective connectivity and services.


We offer you solutions that create opportunities to increase the value of products and services across the growing network of connected devices; from integrated analytics to mobile apps, open source communities and remote management gateways, we help companies connect across the connected home and business world.

Gain access to ADB’s advanced solutions which bring together our proven expertise and 20 years of award-winning industry firsts, enabling our customers to build successful businesses and deliver connected experiences that today’s consumers crave.

Maximum Sales Performance


Our priority is to ensure our customers continue to win new end-users, reduce churn and increase ROI.


How? We know exactly what our customers are searching for. We understand that time is money, and we respect that by ensuring on-time deliveries. We combine ADB know-how and products with those from a number of third party industry leaders to deliver complete solutions that benefit from collaborative thinking and best in class technologies.

Combining our core values like speed, passion, expertise, customer focus and trust with our multi-year experience is what makes ADB a reliable and respectable business advisor. This is how we build our success – we love what we do and we do it best.

Technical Support


The better we know you, the better we will be able to help you.


Forging a deeper relationship with our customer is an essential part of our business. We take pride in our profound software engineering skills. These skills, combined with the most innovative technologies and 20-years of experience, has made us a major player in the industry. Diverse mindsets, backgrounds, experience and top talent create our international company culture. With ADB’s comprehensive set of services, we add value to your business offering top-notch technical support. Accelerate your business..partner with ADB.



Platform for technology partners to showcase their solutions and attract new customers.


Marketplace allows you as a Partner to promote solutions you have built on ADB products. It's a great place helping to attract new customers and extend the reach of your product by making it visible to global audience of ADB partners and prospects.

Once a company will be looking for a product equipped with ADB technology, Marketplace will present your solution to be considered. It will boost your sales power and provide you more business.

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At ADB, we do our best to make our partners' business grow.

As an engaged and fully committed team, we are providing great new opportunities and opening doors to new experiences for our customers. We are a passionate partner, always ready to work with your team.