Introducing graphyne2

graphyne2 Information & Downloads

User Experience

Learn more about graphyne2 user experience.

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G2 OS Middleware

Review the richness and flexibility of ADB's G2 OS middleware.

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Service Delivery Platform

Check how graphyne2 SDP can support your complete Pay-TV solution.

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Utilize G2 OS API .

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Service Delivery Platform API

Review service delivery platform API.

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Review documentation

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graphyne2 Features

graphyne2 is a "one stop solution" for easy and innovative Pay-TV
implementation that meets the customer's network requirements and business needs.

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  • Really personal
  • Multiscreen
  • Beyond Video Services

User experience that builds upon personalized recommendations.

graphyne2 multiscreen UX prepared for different screens and technologies with common business logic, reducing the cost of integration and the need for ongoing maintenance.

graphyne2 includes everything that operator needs to run an effective video service. Each of the video features are accompanied by the graphyne2 monetization platform helping an operator to build personal relationship with consumers.

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  • On-line and off-line
  • Consistent and optimized
  • Flexible business model

Available in either a broadcast profile, with fully embedded middleware supporting OTT services, or through online end-to-end pre-integrated solutions based on HTML5 and React Native frameworks.

Consistent look & feel optimized for the device. Available for set-top boxes, smart phones, tablets, personal computers and smart TV.

Chargeable as an up-front fee/license or on per user/per month basis with cloud delivery.

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  • Personalized, customizable UX
  • Open APIs
  • Modular

UX customization allows partners to brand UX by themselves and easily differentiate on the market.

Rich API for back-end and front-end development.

Modular architecture allowing quick integration with third party components.

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