Service Delivery Platform

What is it

The ADB graphyne2 service delivery platform manages both the broadcast and IP/over-the-top (OTT) metadata required to run the Pay-TV service.

It handles entire process from ingesting metadata through managing subscriber’s accounts and registering devices, assets purchasing to companion applications (tablets, smart phones, Set-Top-Boxes and web portals).

The solution supports the linear channels with catch-up and network PVR services as well as the on-demand video delivery via cable, IPTV multicast or IP unicast for over-the-top capability. The latter interoperates with major CDN providers.

The platform allows seamless switching between broadcast service and over-the-top delivery, allowing coherent switching between live and time-shifted content without any local storage. This functionality is especially valued by IPTV operators and cable networks with existing additional IP infrastructure as it allows best utilization of the network for broadcast of common content and unicast on unique request.

For the video delivery path ADB cooperates with leading suppliers of encoding, transcoding and streaming equipment. In this way the solution may be easily tailored to existing video head-end infrastructure.

Service delivery platform plays an essential role in the whole Pay-TV solution. The general architecture below shows as an example how SDP working as the heart of the solution provides connectivity between all other system components involved in OTT solution.

Case Studies

  • nc+
  • Canal Digital Kabel
  • Blizoo
  • Vectra
  • Multimedia Polska
  • RiksTV
  • First Media
  • Slovak Telekom