User Experience

What is it

ADB’s next-generation Personal TV software platform, graphyne2 drives fast, easy and risk free deployment of value-added services with no upfront investment. It enables both pay-TV and OTT operators to deliver personalized user interfaces, allowing consumers to quickly and easily browse and select content and services.

Main advantages of graphyne2 UX are:

  • User experience that builds upon personalized recommendations
  • The most relevant content always presented to the user
  • Consistent navigation between live video, recordings, catch up, video on demand, pictures and other media
  • Fully customizable directly by the operator or go-to market partner
  • Modern look & feel

Enjoy graphyne2 video

Across multiple devices

The graphyne2 multiscreen UX is prepared for different screens and technologies with common business logic, reducing the cost of integration and the need for ongoing maintenance.

UX customization

Graphyne2 is a very open and flexible solution. The operators are able to customize it in several ways without the need to go through upgrade of the devices population in the network.

The customization is an easy and extensive process. It helps not only to brand the solution and differentiate it on the market, but also to configure important aspects of the ux like content sources, content structure or communication spots. All this can be done via a special customization tool that ADB delivers within graphyne2 suite.

UX design service

On top of the UX technology, ADB is offering the UX design service via its InnoSolutions platform, so that the operator can create and develop a unique look & feel of its service or adapt to current theme/season/fashion. Within this service ADB can also audit the existing UX/UI of operator to remove bottlenecks in the user experience and improve customer satisfaction.

UX technical materials

graphyne2 demo

ADB partners can obtain a live working demo of ADB graphyne2 solution which allows to test and get familiar with all the features available in latest version of graphyne2.

How to obtain a demo of graphyne2 solution?

Simply go through the registration process on the portal to become an ADB partner and submit a support ticket which will be reviewed by our team. In the next step we will contact you directly to provide more details related to graphyne2 demo.