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vuTyme Features

vuTyme is an end-to-end offering that helps operators deliver linear TV,
Internet Protocol TV (IPTV), Video on Demand (VOD), Over-The-Top (OTT),
advertisement, media and information across any screen.

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Enhancing the consumer experience

  • A complete TV and video package
  • A cutting edge user interface
  • A seamless TV experience

VuTyme provides a flexible full High Definition (HD) channel line-up with access to premium content.

It also offers a full range of media services including Linear TV, VOD, PPV, OTT, DVR-Lite/nPVR.

It is equipped with easy to use interface with seamless remote control integration and simple navigation with home channel and information bar with multiple language options.

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Supporting the corporate customer

  • A solution that supports your brand!
  • A tailored business solution
  • A fully interoperable platform
  • Simple installation and upgrade
  • Full digital signage solution

VuTyme offers customizable branding menus to solidify brand presence and marketing and interactive services to promote local messaging, local advertisement, local channels and local attractions.

It also supports hospitality focused applications including e-concierge, folio and guest services.

It is based on cloud based client/server application for flexible deployment.

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Enabling operators and service providers

  • A smart approach to video delivery
  • Commercial flexibility
  • Extended support tools and application

VuTyme generates additional revenues from quality video service using existing residential network.

It is fully scalable and uses Open-Standards technology including OpenCable, DVB-C, DOCSIS/DSG, IPTV, OCAP, HTML5 and CSS.

A set of tools and applications creates, manages and maintains the service including centralized management and monitoring across the entire deployment footprint.

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Win-Win solution

  • For commercial property managers
  • For guests
  • For operators

VuTyme offers the opportunity to enhance a customer's experience by offering flexible channel line-up and access to premium content.

It provides Access to high quality content and premium assets like VoD.

VuTyme systems runs on existing network infrastructure.

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