Business TV Solutions Briefing

Business TV is an end-to-end solution for delivering commercial video, media and communications for hotels, hospitals, bars, restaurants, gyms, small business offices, educational institutions and quasi-residential living spaces.

What is Business TV?

Business TV brings video and interactive media to any location outside of the residential setting. Key sectors include hospitality, healthcare, stadia, retail, travel and education. They represent a diverse, global market expected to worth $20.03bn by 2020.

What consumers want

The growth of new online and on-demand video services, such as Netflix, has led to increased consumer desire for high quality TV experiences outside of the home. In parallel, video is increasingly replacing static displays and signage as way of conveying infotainment and advertising. Yet the internet revolution is far from over. As the rise of Facebook from a single university campus to over a billion strong community shows, being able to adapt quickly to the new connected world is a critical requirement for every Business TV service. In the face of such powerful social interaction; service providers, educational campuses and leisure businesses such as hotels, bars and gymnasiums are increasingly turning to video to attract and sell to a new generation of consumers that expect video and interactive media everywhere.

Source: 2016 In-Room Entertainment Preference Study

Delivery winning Business TV

Successful Business TV means providing consumers with high-quality, easy to use, fast and reliable services whether that is in a hotel room or hospital bed. The primary difference between business and domestic TV is the requirement to integrate the system alongside other business processes such as guest, patient and student entertainment and services in the context of a hotel, hospital or dormitory block. The TV industry has progressed from a linear broadcast medium to a more ‘on-demand’ experience; this requires that the modern IP based Business TV service meets the three key attributes of flexibility, reliability and cost.M


Although IP has helped to standardise how networks and digital devices communicate, there is still a great deal of variance when it comes to the hardware and line of business software used by organisations in different vertical markets and regions. Across just the areas of hospitality, healthcare and stadia; there are thousands of possible combinations of management and service delivery platforms, many of which are highly customised to meet unique use cases. In addition, the pace of change within technology means that any TV solution needs to be able to adapt quickly to new consumer demands.

ADB solution

ADB’s Business TV solution is designed to deliver the flexibility required to adapt to the connected world. ADB vuTyme, the core ADB Business TV service platform, is built on 20 years of continuous development to deliver Business TV and interactivity across cable, satellite, IPTV and new OTT services. Our platform approach ensures our engineers can continually update vuTyme to embrace changing consumer demands and technology advancements to ensure compatibility with new devices, as well as new features such a cloud-based scalability, digital signage and targeted messaging with a rapid time to market. As both a software and hardware company, our expertise extends past the product stage and into the development of offerings that meet the needs of multi service operators to ensure that every solution can serve both today’s operational needs with the flexibility to quickly adapt, with just a software upgrade, to the demands of the future.

ADB vuTyme:

  • Works with all major CE device ecosystems for TV and interactive services
  • Supports cable, satellite, IPTV, and OTT across structured cabling, Coaxial and WiFi distribution
  • Offers on-premise, cloud and hybrid solutions for faster time to market with more flexibility

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