ADB Partner Program Support

Please find frequently asked questions and answers section here. If it doesn't address your question or issue use the Support section to submit a help ticket for questions about our program or login and get started with one of our ADB engineers.

Getting started

What is ADB Partner Program?

The ADB Partner Program is designed to create a go-to-market relationship with a group of strategic ADB partners. The program brings together best of breed vendors wanting to increase sales effectiveness, meet rapidly moving client demands, improve project and operational performance as well and reduce costs for all stakeholders.

It is an actively managed program where joint objectives and milestones are driven to ensure maximum sales performance.

Does it cost anything to register?

Registration for the Program Membership is free of charge.

How can I register?

To sign up for your free membership, simply complete the registration form.

Does the program offer technical support?

Yes. If you need technical support please login and open or review an issue in ADB Partner Program Support system.

With ADB’s comprehensive set of services we add value to your business offering top-notch technical support. We take pride in our profound software engineering skills, which combined with the most innovative technologies and 20-years of experience has made us a major player in the industry. People of various mindsets, backgrounds and experience yet of highest talents are a part of our international company culture.

How can I keep being informed about latest feature updates or roadmap releases?

As soon as you join the ADB Partner Program you will receive email notifications about the latest feature updates or roadmap releases.

How can I report issues?

To report an issue you can contact us or submit a ADB Partner Program support ticket.

You can also check out forums to discuss issues with other members.

Why should I register?

Want new businesses, new markets? Partner with ADB and extend your reach.

By bridging together solutions and services, ADB simplifies integration, improves speed to market and reduces the cost in delivering connected services to our clients. For our customers, that means faster service delivery, access to a range of best of breed specialist applications as well as a variety of key shared services that are cloud ready. Being an ADB Partner allows to fully leverage ADB's award winning portfolio of solutions as well as integrate into ADB solutions to add value.

Learn more about the benefits of joining the ADB Partner Program.

Need Technical Support from ADB Engineers?

Please login and open or review an issue in ADB Partner Program Support system


Need Additional Support Help?

Check out forums to discuss issues with other members, or submit a membership help ticket.